Helyssen models RF plasmas and PECVD

Helyssen’s key expertise in modelling and understanding complex plasma process includes: 

  • RF design :  matching circuit optimisation and antenna design
  • Reactor design and modelling
  • Plasma modelling for PECVD application

  • Helyssen can help you to model your complex plasma system to better understand the inner processes and to optimize them
  • Helyssen  develops COMSOL models for your specific applications


Helyssen automatic matching solutions

Helyssen designs and manufactures automated matching system including:

  • Current-voltage-phase probe (1)
  • Automatic controller (Raspberry Pi based) to drive the matching box (2)
  • Real time matching box (3)
    • Frequency range from 1.7MHz to 50 MHz
    • RF power from 100W to 15kW or more 
Complete matching system
Matching system for a large area Helyssen’s ICP plasma source (1,8 x 0.4 m2)