About us

Develop future generation plasma sources through research

Dr Philippe Guittienne founded Helyssen in 2003 to develop and commercialize application licenses on proprietary technologies.  Since inception, Helyssen research lab is located in the Swiss plasma center (SPC) in EPFL and collaborate closely with Ivo Furno’s industrial plasma group.

Helyssen focuses on designing high efficiency inductively coupled and wave heated RF plasma sources.

Major milestones include:

  • Patents application for Helyssen’s antennas (2003)
  • Development of an Helicon source sponsored by Alcatel Vacuum technology France (2004-2005)
  • FIT grant of CHF 100’000 in 2006 for best innovative company
  • Collaboration sponsored by the CTI  (9896.2) between CRPP / Tetra Pak / Helyssen between 2009 and 2012 to develop large area plasma source for Tetra Pak industrial food application.
  • CTI project (14693.1)  between 2013 and 2016 to develop Tetra Pak next generation food packaging solution
  • CTI project (15082.1) with Tokyo Electron Solar / Applied Materials (June 2013-Dec 2014) to develop next generation solar cells production equipment
  • Eurofusion project: Helyssen has dune 2014- June 2018)
  • CTI project (19241.2) with EPFL SPC and ETHZ   : Development of a high pressure resonant network plasma source for particle treatment (June 2017- Dec 18)
  • 2018:  Development of high-power large scale plasma source for Tetra Pak food processing application
  • 2019 -2022:
    • Integration of a roll-to-roll plasma source at Bobst for food packaging application
    • Development of a 10kW flat helicon plasma source for negative hydrogen ion source for fusion application
    • Integration of high pressure ICP plasma source for Annealing application at Annealsys

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Helyssen is a SPC Spin-off and has its Labs at the EPFL