Increasing production yield through innovation

Helyssen technology is based on RF resonating networks made of elementary interconnected meshes

High to very high densities

Helyssen’s antennas are fundamentally coupled inductively to the plasma and are also very efficient for generating helicon discharges in presence of DC magnetic field. Helicon discharge generate very high density plasmas.

Large to very large areas

    Another current industry limitation is the processing area which remains relatively small typically in the range of one square meter. Larger processed areas will allow industry players to drastically reduce production costs.

Ultra Large Area Planar ICP Plasma source 1.2 x 1.2 m2

Roll to roll Planar ICP Plasma source 1.8 x 0.4 m2



Large to very large volumes

Conventional volumetric sources are highly limited in size (typ. only 10 liters). Helyssen cylindrical Helicon source overcomes this limitation.


SiOx deposition on a PET foil



High pressure ICP plasma source


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