Plasma in industry

Plasma Processing lies at the heart of many industries

Major applications include: 

  • Integrated Circuit manufacturing
  • Sources and display systems based on Thin-film transitors (TFTs)
  • Solar cells production
  • Food packaging application Helyssen_ ICP_RF_Plasma-Treatment-Applications
  • Plasma-based lighting systems 
  • Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)
  • LED-OLED productions
  • Plasma chemistry
  • Environmental and health applications (sterilization)
  • Power systems, thrusters (VASIMR)
  • Waste treatment   

At the heart of all these applications lie a plasma source. There is a constant need to improve them mainly in two directions :  higher process rates thanks to higher plasma densities and larger processing areas.

Larger processing areas have a double interest: it allows to treat more pieces in a single run or to develop new kinds of products

Helyssen is addressing these fundamental needs with its proprietary technologies